Corporate Team Building & Brainstorming

Is your business looking for a fruitful teambuilding or corporate events?
If yes, RSR is a perfect treat to your craving. Our serene environment amid the nature with some amazing views and crippling birds is a perfect spot for your productive team building and brainstorming sessions along with other corporate events.

Come, join us and see our impact on your event’s success.


A good marriage isn’t something one finds, it’s something that one makes and has to be determined in making it.

RSR offers an exquisite wedding venue with unparalleled services, facilities, location, sceneries, and elaborated food & beverages to meet your requirements.

The Resort has a range of beautiful gardens, springs, hall and choices in accommodations for your comfort.

Sporting Events

If you are seeking an ideal venue to organize a sporting event, RSR is the ideal destination of choice.

We boast the legacy of being the venue for “Skytouch Biomed Corporate Women’s Beach Cricket 2022” and “Warsteiner Corporate Beach Cricket 2022”.

We also have been the venue for several other beach cricket and beach volleyball events.